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Civil Classroom


New course:

Registration deadline for the new edition of the course of September 24 to October 12, 2012.

Those interested should fill out the form found on the website of the Association of Registrars from September 24
It is a free course

  • Academic Director:Javier Gomez Galligan. Company Secretary RCDI.
  • Coordination: Maria Almeida Rodriguez Goñi.
  • Course start date:Monday October 15, 2012.
  • Date of completion:May 2013.
  • Exam Date: June 2013.
  • Objective
    Theoretic and practical study of major civil and commercial contractual arrangements in the Spanish legal system, with special reference to registration aspects.

    The course can be given separately or simultaneously with the contracts taxation courses, which are complementary.


  • Recipients

    Especially suitable for auxiliary staff from Land andd Business Registries and students from universities with which the Association of Registrars has collaboration agreements.

  • Diplomas

    We will issue a certificate of achievement for all students who participated regularly in the CIVIL classroom sessions and have passed the final exam (in person). Participation is not considered normal if students have not attended three sessions or more.

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