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Requesting a certificate.

The Land Registrars are the only persons with the authority to certify the data recorded in the Registry's books.

Value of the certificate
Freedom or encumbrance of property or real rights can only be accredited with respect to third parties through a certificate issued by the Registry. (Art. 225 Mortgage Act)

Instructions on how to use the service
In order to request an Electronic Registry Certificate, users must be registered users of the service or identify themselves by means of an electronic signature in the case of persons using the system occasionally.

To make the request, there are two search options:

Search by registry data
In this type of query users should enter the Land Registry to which the request refers and the borough, tenement registration number, section and sub-tenement number, as applicable.  This will take them directly to the information on the tenement with respect to which the query is made. It is advisable to also include the observations (if any) made in the volume, book and sheet on which the tenement is registered.

Search through the Single Property Identifier (Idufir)
The Single Property Identifier allows users to obtain information about a specific property in Spain. In this way, if they know the ¿Idufir' they can request information about any tenement without having to have any other registry data.

Type of certificate
When requesting a certificate users should indicate its type, which may be any of the following:

  • Certificate of ownership: this only contains information about the last owner of the property.
  • Certificate of ownership and charges: this certificate specifies the owner and all charges or encumbrances existing on the property.
  • Certificate of specific entries: this certificate includes the entire entry requested. (Not available)
Cost of the service:





Presentation entry



Certificate of Ownership



Certificate of Charges



Negative Certificate of Charges



Other Certificates


R.D.G.R.N (Resolution of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries Public) of 27 July 2005

Announcements Lists/Electronic processing


* Taxes not included.

The fees for issuing the certificate are those set forth in the Registrars List of Fees, approved by RD 1427/1989 of 17 November 1989 (Official State Gazette 285/1989).
The dispatching of a certificate may give rise to the cancellation of lapsed charges pursuant to the terms of article 353 of the Mortgage Regulations, for which reason the fees due may be higher in the case of it being necessary to cancel such charges.

Access to the Certificate
Once the Certificate has been issued a message is sent to the indicated e-mail address with a link to a website where the Certificate can be withdrawn. If they are users of the active services of the Registrars Association, they will be asked for their login and password, and if not, they must identify themselves through an electronic signature.
The Certificate may be withdrawn in two formats: electronic format, which must be viewed using the special viewer of the Registrars Association or PDF format for printing, with a Safe Verification Code.  The authenticity of this code can be checked in the website established for that purpose, included the Code itself.

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