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Chancellors Welcome Message

Welcome to, the website of the Spanish Association of Land and Business  Registrars.

In executing the public function with which they are entrusted, the aim of registrars is to approach citizens through new technologies. For this reason, it is important for the website to act as a dynamic and interactive tool in facilitating use for citizens.

For several years, registrars have remained at the forefront of these new technologies: the registry offices are modern and equipped with major computer and software methods and elements that facilitate daily tasks and make it easy to provide citizens with the information contained in the records in an effective, precise manner.

Working methods have changed very quickly and all the registrars have had to adapt their procedures to current demands in record time: thus, the Association of Registrars has been a pioneer in the digitalisation of documents, the incorporation of graphic elements into the data on the registered properties or the speed of response in dealing with customer requests online.

This website is a prime example of the modernisation to which I refer.  Users can use the Electronic Registry to request theinformation they need from the Land Registry or Business Registry, consult the associations statistics or file accounts using electronic means.

In addition, contains other interesting sections, thereby converting accessibility into a key element: the diverse Service Guides published by the Association of Registrars, or the Book Trust, with bibliographical references published by the Research Service of the Association of Registrars, are just some of the sections available on the website.

Candau Pérez Alfonso

Chancellor-President of the Association of Registrars of Spain



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