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Setting up a company

First steps in setting up a company

  • Application for corporate name to the Central Business Registry
  • Application for a Tax Code from the AEAT
  • Depositing of share capital in a bank
  • Drafting of company bylaws

  • Signing the deed of incorporation before a notary public.
  • Payment of Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty to the Tax Office of the respective Regional Authorities.
  • Registration and publication in the Business Registry
  • Declaration of the start of activity to the AEAT (Spanish Tax Authorities)
  • Inclusion in the business tax register of the AEAT
  • Registration of the company in the Social Security System
  • Inclusion in the Register of Self-Employed Persons
  • Registration books and visits and their legalisation
Communications about starting up an activity

  • Communication about opening or re-opening a centre.  Application for registration in the Register of Business Activities and Entrepreneurs from the Labour Department or Provincial Labour Authorities.
  • Application for a trade licence from the Local Council.
  • Inclusion of employees and contracts
  • Legalisation of company books 


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