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Business Information

Request information on registered entities .

This service allows you to consult information on entities registered with the Business Registries.

They include:

  • Information note about a company
  • Depositing of accounts (images and XBRL)
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Powers of a company officer
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Shareholders Assembly Regulations
  • Board of Directors Regulations
  • Search for officers within a company
  • List of companies appearing in a registry
  • International Searches (EBR)
  • XML informative note request
  • NCEA statistics
  • Certifications

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Fee Calculation
The obtaining of the requested information bears a fee. The calculation of the fee depends on the options for obtaining the information requested and the number of entries in which that information is contained. In accordance with current regulations:

  • The rules contained in the existing tariff of business registries, 757/1.973 approved by Decree of 29 March 1973 and more specifically, those in paragraphs 22 and 24 which relate to formal announcements through a simple informative Note .
  • Resolution issued  by the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries of 19 November 1999, on consultations presented to the Association of Land and Business Registrars on fees on formal announcements in Business Registries issued via electronic means

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