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Carrying  out a dual mission:

  • In situ provision of information and advice to entrepreneurs in the online processing of business initiatives (SRL and SLNE).
  • Start the administrative process of incorporation through the Single Electronic Document (DUE).

Based on the Convention, PAIT is obliged to provide the following services to entrepreneurs:

  • Information on the characteristics of the SLNE and SRL: legal, commercial issues, tax, accounting, handling systems, applicable regulations, and information on other laws in force in the mercantile legal system.
  • Completion of processing for setting up enterprises with the legal form and SRL SLNE through the electronic system.
  • Information on public support for business creation.
  • Information on the Social Security system applicable to the case, rules of membership, contributions, grants.
  • Tutoring of the business plan.
  • General information on topics of interest to companies: financing, taxation, subsidy programmes, job placement, research, business cooperation, etc..

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