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  • Course Programme

    The full course will be given in the form of 15 teaching units imparted in the CIVIL CLASSROOM twice a week.

    UNIT 1 .- General contractual considerations.
    UNIT 2 .- Transfer of assets and rights (I). Trading in general.
    UNIT 3 .- Transmission of assets and rights (II). Sale of property. Purchase of vehicles.
    UNIT 4 .- Transfer of assets and rights (III). Transmission of values. Transfer of credits and rights. Transfer of business assets.
    UNIT 5 .- Transfer of assets and rights (IV). Swap. Foreclosures. Excess award. Recording procedures that supplement the lack of title. Recognition domain.
    Real rights UNIT 6 .- (I). Security interests, mortgages, liens and antichresis. Subsequent explicit conditions.
    UNIT 7 .- Real Rights (II). Real rights of enjoyment.
    UNIT 8 .- Real rights (III). Actual acquisition rights.
    UNIT 9 .- Personal Rights (I). Lease. Sublease. Sharecropping. Local transfer of business. Leasing.
    UNIT 10 .- Personal Rights (II). Bond. Loans. Obligations. Credit account. Deposit paid. IOU. Pensions.
    UNIT 11 .- The social contract (I). The partnership agreement. Types of corporations. Concept, characters, structure and functioning of commercial companies.
    UNIT 12 .- The partnership agreement (II). Incorporation. Capital increase. Decrease in capital. Merger. Division. Dissolution.
    UNIT 13 .- Accounts venture. Ownership of vessels.
    UNIT 14 .- Real estate transactions without transfer of assets.
    UNIT 15 .- Notarised, commercial and administrative documents.

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